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I know that some guys feel uncomfortable to go to the showers when there are other guys. Once a friend of my told me that he showering together with other guys was a problem for him. In the High School they were required to shower after gym and they had no cabins in the showers. At that time he had big self esteem and body image issues. He did not like it and felt very uncomfortable for a long time.

No he works in the gym at a local college with his buddy. After several times he overcame his fears and can now go in the shower, wash, stand there and talk to anyone else so it is not a big deal at all.
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May be those guys who dislike showering with others know that there are somebody who can watch them with sexual context that is spying in purpose to see them nude.

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Already at early ages I remember how I was curious to spy for other boys naked.  I used every chance to do so and the easiest way was to watch for my friends when we were together in showers. I hardly stopped my erection when I was naked together with other boys at the shower and locker room. As soon as I stayed alone I used to jerk off remembering the hot young naked bodies of my friends.

And now if I am somewhere with other naked guys I try to spy hidden for them when they are naked. But it is not so easy as they can notice you are doing it, so I began to watch for male voyeur videos on the net and found out some hot sites with male hidden cam videos and pix.
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Some times I want to spy for naked guys. Usually I have a chance to do that at the showers and locker room at the gym, sometimes I stay at the hostels where they have a type of showers without cabins. But you can not hold your attention on the guys otherwise you can get problems)) and if your cock get erected suddenly that will be very strange of course.
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Hopefully I signed up to one male voyeur site with lots of downloadable spy cam videos from male showers. On the videos there are mostly young guys who sportsmen and came to the showers before some training. You can really get into an atmosphere of spying for nude guys washing at the showers but you are free to watch on them as much as you can.

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On the one of the gay voyeur videos I got there is a black man caught on spy cam washing in the showers. You can really see how big dick he got becasue of a sudden erection – and that is because of other hot naked men he saw there!

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So, on the video you can see how this young black athlete is washing and then is dries with his towel and get dressed. All that time you can spy for his swinging big soft cock.

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